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Kyrstan & Karla, Sweet Mother & Daughter Session

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Guys! This was such a fun's so nice to do something a little different and to capture such a sweet bond between mother and daughter. Oh, and of course we can't forget the handsome, Willow who makes an adorable appearance! These two are the sweetest pair and remind me how special a bond can be with a mother. I'm excited to share more of them below! 

Jameson Boone, Texas Lifestyle Newborn Session

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Well little Jameson Boone, you quickly stole my heart and I know your mommy and daddy loved you from the very beginning, as you grew and grew inside her belly. It was truly such an honor to come photograph you and to hear about how hard you fought from your first breath. To know you are happy and healthy at home is so sweet! You are deeply loved, little guy - and I have found a lot of joy in playing this small and special part in your very own story. What a blessing to start the documentation of life from the very beginning...thank you Samantha and Corey for allowing me to travel on this exciting journey with you. Seeing you both with Boone is so special and you are truly such great parents, with time undoubtedly shaping you into even better ones. 

Enjoy those little toes and fingers and give all the kisses there is to give. 

Adelaide | Lifestyle

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There really aren't many words to share here...except that I am so thankful for loyal friends and clients. Getting to document this big brother's parents when he was in mama's tummy all the way to the celebration of a sweet little girl has been so rewarding. Thank you guys for growing with me and for sticking with me all this y'all!