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Vendor Spotlight: Olive Grove Design

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Welcome to the very first BDP Vendor Spotlight! I wanted to take the time to share all about some incredible wedding vendors I've been able to work with, because I know that it can be so overwhelming as a bride to start narrowing your vendors down - and sometimes it's so helpful to know where to start! 

My hope is for the Vendor Spotlight series is to introduce you to some incredible and passionate wedding vendors that will vary from planners, florists, hair and makeup artists, caterers, bakers, venues and so much more. The professionals I'll be sharing about on the blog are sure to WOW you on your wedding day and are an absolute joy to work with. 

First up in the series is the talented Olivia Merritt of Olive Grove Design! I've had the chance to work with Olivia on multiple occasions and have always been impressed with her attentiveness to detail, natural ability to arrange florals in a creative and meaningful way and she is a true lover of what she does. Her stunning work is full of life and she will work with you closely to ensure that the vision you have for your wedding florals is everything you imagine! Read on to learn a little bit more about Olivia and her love for flowers! 

1. How long have you been creating beautiful florals and where are you based? 

Olivia: "I have always been drawn to the beauty of flowers but have been working as a floral designer for about 3 years now. Wow! How time flies! My floral design company, Olive Grove Design, officially started last year and I am currently based in Dallas, Texas but am always, always looking for any excuse to travel! I crave adventure!"

2. What drew you into the floral business? 

Olivia: "I love how each flower stem can create such a strong feeling (usually happiness :)) and having the power to create such an emotion with my work is what I strive for each time I create a floral arrangement or bridal bouquet. Being in the wedding industry as a florist, I am able bring even more beauty to each couples first day of happily ever after and I am so humbled that my clients let me play a small part in their love story."

3. How would you describe your design style to brides looking for a wedding florist? 

Olivia: "If I was to say it in one word, it would have to be natural. Incorporating greenery is a must for me and I love using unique flowers rather than just your standard roses and hydrangeas. I really try to stray away from the normal and be more exciting and adventurous, just like I like my clients!"

4. Tell us what you love most about creating gorgeous floral art?!

Olivia: "I love everything about what I do! It's not always easy. I wish it was just getting to play with flowers all day, everyday but getting to connect with my clients and hearing their love stories is another part of what I love about my work. I also love connecting with other creatives and learning what their dreams and passions are. I think being part of such a creative and talented community is such a blessing!

5. This may be a tough one - but tell us what your favorite flower is! 

Olivia: "This is a tough one because I truly believe each stem has their own personality and my goal is to figure out how to let each stem have the spotlight and shine! Oh man! But if I had to pick one... I would have to say Scabisosa. I have been using these blooms in everything recently! I just love them so much! They are such a fun, spunky flower! They are beautiful in white but I find I like to use them for a pop of color. Whether its a blush or deep plum, they always make for a great accent bloom."

6. What wedding floral tends do you see happening in 2017? 

Olivia: "Greenery greenery greenery. I love incorporating lots of texture in my work but I have a gut feeling I will get to use them even more than ever this year, especially because Pantone's color of the year is "Greenery"!

7. If you could give brides one piece of advise when it comes to their florals, what would it be? 

Olivia: "Oh man! This is a good one. I would hope brides stray away from the "DIY." Especially in floral design. Pinterest has made us all believe that is so easy! I totally understand if you are trying to save money but it will save you so much stress In the long run to have all of your wedding day flowers taken care of by a professional. This is what I hope to be hired for. I'm going to do everything in my power to make your day so magically beautiful! I don't want you to do anything that day, except marry the love of your life! You should be enjoying your first day of happily ever after not figuring out where all the centerpieces need to go and how to put together a bridal bouquet. That is why you hire a good florist!"

8. What is your biggest hope or dream for your business in the coming years? 

Olivia: "Oh goodness! I have so many dreams and goals that I want to achieve for this little business of mine. One of the biggest is to travel more for destination weddings and elopements! I would love to design a wedding in the secret gardens of Italy or Spain! If you are planning a wedding somewhere magical, I would love to be apart of it!"

I'm SERIOUSLY so excited to do more of these Vendor Spotlight's in the future and hope that you enjoyed learning more about the beautiful Olivia and all the beauty she creates! All of the above photos are of her stunning floral designs! 

See more of Olivia's work on her social media pages and website! 
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