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Tabbatha, Timelesss Bridal Session, Texas Wedding Photographer

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I really need to let everyone know how sweet this beautiful bride truly is. When I say that she has a heart of gold, I don't mean it in the textbook sense of the phrase - but in the absolute truest and utmost, breathing and living way; because it's just simply undeniable that when you're around her you will inevitably be filled with a slice of her joy

Sweetest Tabbatha, your timeless beauty and kind tenderness are so evident in the way you carry yourself, in your speech and in your laughter! Photographing you was a *dream* and documenting you and Caleb's wedding day was an honor. The deep love you two share is bold and beautiful, and I feel better off in my own adventure for having been a witness to you becoming husband and wife. 

Okay, now that I've gotten all sappy on ya...why don't you go ahead and scroll through Tabbatha's absolutely gorgeous bridal session! πŸ˜˜

Chelsea's Spring Bridal Session, Texas Wedding Photographer

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Holy smokes. Ya'll. This beauty is finally married. The wedding day was incredible and now I can FINALLY share some of my most favorite bridal portraits I've ever had the chance to take. 

The sun was shining, despite incredibly chilling wind and magic happened from the first click. These beautiful floral pieces are by the lovely Olive Grove Design  - they so perfectly accompanied Chelsea's classic + feminine bridal look! I am already impatiently waiting to send off the film from this gorgeous wedding day in Kyle, Texas...but drooling over her bridal session might help hold me over until then...maybe it'll help hold you over too! Also be sure to check my Facebook + Instagram in a couple of weeks for an exclusive blog with a little peek into Kyle & Chelsea's wedding day!